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Cycling Academies

We are proud to be partnering with the National Cycling Academy Forum (NCAF) in featuring their academies on Ride2Live.

The NCAF is a registered NPC and represents a collective of 32 academies, who have organised themselves to address the common challenges.

We encourage everyone to support the NCAF and these academies directly. When supporting these academies it also provides you with more comfort that your donations will be put to effective use in a governed academy.

According to the general secretary of the NCAF, Buhle Madlala:


“We’re cyclists and bicycle lovers who want only the best quality and sustainable development cycling programs for our academies. We’re not charity, just riders who want to showcase our talent! Let’s Level Up and that’s why we formed the National Cycling Academy Forum (NCAF): an organisation for Rural and Township cycling enthusiasts aiming to transform the face of cycling. The very best riding talent under one roof, with future Olympic champions”


The NCAF mandate is to

  • Introduce schools + as many previous disadvantaged individuals to Cycling

  • Transformation and development of Cycling

  • Identify and Develop champions

  • Deliver High exposure in Previously Disadvantaged Areas (PDA)

  • Social cohesion and integration

  • Creation of Cycling business industries

  • Develop, Support and nurture cycling in PDA (train mechanics, coaches, administrators and event organizers) 

  • Deliver high exposure in PDA through Criterium Races

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