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Fuelling for Performance

Your body is an incredible machine and ultimately all you have. It defines your ability to function and, if managed carefully, perform at your ultimate potential.

The science & engineering that goes into getting you from point A to point B is beyond our comprehension. This is why the majority of us fuel incorrectly, from couch potatoes to endurance athletes - either over or under eating, and very often the wrong nutrients at the wrong time.

We wanted to demistify healthy eating and race fuelling, so we invited athlete, coach, nutritionist, and scientist Mark Wolf to our talk on what we athletes should be putting into our bodies, both in our day-to-day lives as well as in the build up to, during, and after ultra distance events.

These 2 sports nutrition talks cover everything from when and what you should be eating in relation to your training, how your body breaks down fat vs carbs vs protein, and at what rates. We find out exactly how much nutrition you should be taking in during different levels of training and racing.

Across these two talks we cover all the aspects of how to fuel your body for peak performance. And if there’s anything you'd like clarity on, we're open to questions at

The talks are thorough, which means they’re long, but if you’re serious about making the most of your movement machine while living a long healthy life you’ll soak up every second. Weather you’re building up to the race of your life, looking to get back in shape, or just after a healthier relationship with food – these talks should help you.

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