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Insider Training: the smart trainer for indoor workouts

The Triathlon SBR team reviews the latest Tacx Flux 2 Smart Trainer

Tacx Flux 2 Smart Trainer

Pros: Easy setup, accurate power, well built Cons: Legs don’t fold The Flux 2 is a solid trainer, significantly stouter than the budget-level Flux S.

Tacx says this trainer is equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit and a heavier flywheel than its predecessor.

“The Flux’s redesigned internal mechanics have improved the driving experience and result in a reliable and consistent performance measurement,”

“It measures your power accurately within 2.5%. This trainer is designed to reduce vibration and noise to a minimum. You can ride hard and work up a sweat. “This trainer can handle sprints up to 2 000 watts and inclines go up to 16%.” A downside is that the legs don’t fold up.

“For those who want to fold away a unit due to limited space, this is not the unit for you. It takes up a fair amount of floor-space and does not fold. Its weight (21.3kg) also means it’s not great on the lower back and needs safe lifting techniques.” Price: R18 999. Did you log kilometres with this trainer during Lockdown?

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