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Insights to YOUR training journey

Over 20 000 runners just experienced the Comrades Marathon and racing in SA continues in full swing with the famously fun Knysna Marathon this weekend and many starting training towards the Cape Town Marathon.

Whether it’s your first half, full or ultra marathon you’re always aiming to improve so it’s more enjoyable or even aiming for a personal best.

Following on our interview with the great Mark Allen regarding ‘How much exercise is too much?’, here are some valuable insights to guide your training journey.

Coach Lindsey Parry is a keen runner and sport scientist who has trained hundreds of runners, many to podiums at various marathons and ultras.

You can learn if it’s true that weekly peak mileage should match or exceed race distance for marathons and ultras to minimize injury or if you should shift from mileage to time-based training for better results and lower injury risk.

Also, why your training should focus on physical, physiological, and psychological preparation. Fear often leads runners to overtrain, increasing injury risk. Healthy lifestyle and regular training prepares your body for extreme tasks.


In our feature Run Mag Autumn 2023 you’ll find training plans tailored to pace and learn why strength training and cross-training are so valuable.

Enjoy the journey to sustainable, injury free running 🏁🌈


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