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Mountain Bike Autumn 2021 Launch

It's been the most turbulent time in the media, events and retail sectors with our economy reeling from the global pandemic.

Given that a huge part of the production of bicycles frames, components and software comes from the Far East, the huge increase in people cycling, and that South Africa is a relatively small player in global supply, its not hard to work out why simple spare tubes for example have been as scarce as bats on restaurant menus.

It's been 15 months since the Cape Epic was cancelled at the 11th hour. Events have only just started to claw their way back into our lives, most notably the oldest and biggest sani2c that takes place in KZN this weekend. No doubt beer will flow as fast as the manicured, hallowed trail down the Umkomaas Valley.

The team at Mountain Bike mag have spent most of the raceless summer curating an Autumn issue that celebrates the surge in new post-lockdown cyclists by presenting a bike buyer's guide. Find the bike that's best suited to you and why.

We also welcome back stage racing with a comprehensive guide to sani2c, plus we travel with the legend Hans Rey to the surprisingly rideable and spectacular forgotten travel hub of Hong Kong.

Retail wizard Andrew Mclean predicts that ebikes will continue to drive industry sales and grow their presence in events. We welcome this trend and with it all those riders who couldn't previously manage the steep or long rides to glorious single track playparks or merely want to keep up with spouses and friends. The glorious Alps of Switzerland are the ebike playground featured which will make you rethink the potential for pedal assisted trail assaults.

We have interviews with global and local riders you'll enjoy getting to know, especially our offbeat Downhill daring psychopaths who live as fast as they descend.

We go riding among predators in the deep African bush and far off the beaten track on the Freedom Trail Race2Cradock.

We enjoyed a deep dive into the Cradle of Humankind discovering a gem of a loop, curated by passionate locals, in close proximity to the city of gold. Plus the Fritz Pienaar sooped up trail in Steyn City up the drag as we ride Joburg.

It's taken us a few months to prepare this fat, large format, coffee table keepsake, to inspire you through the dark & cold winter months where getting out isn't easy but oh so rewarding when you do.

It's on shelf now at magazine retailers nationwide. Or you can download it NOW here:


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