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Ride the Rolls Royce of Indoor Trainers

10 years ago, long before lockdowns forced the world inside, indoor training was seen by South Africans to be either disco music motivational lead group spin classes or pseudo pro grinders. Most of the rest of us chose to ride outside.

In the same decade technology and scientific training have risen meteorically. We have heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, power meters, lactate threshold tests - every tool to measure everything and base improvement on hard stats. Training programmes are based on numbers and simply put there's no real advantage to riding outside in balmy Durban versus inside in -40 greenland.

Yes one is more scenic and often outside has fresher air, but traffic, stop lights, poor surfaces, time to dress, pump tyres, lube chains, get to open roads, punctures etc are real detractors from quality training. The fun factor is of course key, who wants to grind away towards a goal when riding your bike is what you love? Well the modern IDT's are no longer boring, heavy metal flywheels that you control by handbrake and want to climb off after 30 minutes.

Smart trainers feel much more like real bikes or are on your real bike, sans wheels, using normal gears and offer interactivity and sound - making training far more pleasant and often really fun. Enter the most technically advanced and comfortable trainer we have tested, Technogym Ride.

Every cyclist dreams of riding their bike on Alpe d'Huez, in the Dolomites, or Icelandic highlands. Technogym Ride is the first bike featuring an integrated super high definition 22-inch screen and sound that allows users to dive into an unprecedented immersive indoor experience.

Through a single log-in, without installation or setup admin each rider can access their favourite training apps and content. It's the first bike to offer direct access to cyclings most used apps, including Zwift, Strava, ROUVY, TrainingPeaks, Kinomap and Bkool; entertainment apps such as Netflix, Eurosport, and to a complete range of training programs and experiences, designed to improve your performance outdoors.

Technogym has collaborated with cycling champions for over 30 years, starting with Gianni Bugno's MG-Technogym professional team in the 1990s, and since 2000 as Official supplier to the Olympic Games. This bike is designed to simulate an outdoor cycling experience and replicate real-world routes and inclines.

The training sessions offered by Technogym Ride challenge you to reach the proper power zones and to ride virtual routes, including the world's most legendary climbs. Alternatively, you can choose the exclusive TNT (Technogym Neuromuscular Training) programs, designed to improve both metabolic and neuromuscular qualities, or you can set up a completely customized training plan based on your personal goals.

From a biomechanics point of view, the gearbox gives you incredibly realistic cycling with a very fast reaction time: from 0 to 1000 watts in half a second. It's quite which is ideal for home training. The V-shaped frame structure suits sizes from 50 to 58+. The adjustable pedal cranks can be set into three positions and the “Fast Buttons” like ferrari sticks allow users to easily access the various training modes (constant power, incline, FTP percentages) and positions of use.

You may wonder how it's worth that much - you need to try this.

RRP: R105 000


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