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The vision of farmer and adventurer - Farmer Glen Haw - Sani2C

The magic carpet ride from the foot of the Drakensburg to the refreshing waves at Scottburgh was the vision of farmer and adventurer Glen Haw. As KAP Sani2c celebrates 20 years, he looks back at where his wheels have taken him.

Farmer Glen Haw

Glen you must be so proud of what you have achieved. How does it feel?

It’s been a great success, much more than we could have imagined. You know, sani2c started for a real reason.

It was a priority for us to raise money for a school that we could send our kids to. Mandy and I realised that without a good school in the community, the community basically collapses. You can’t attract young farmers because their wives don’t want to come if there’s nowhere to send the kids to school. You don’t get a good bank manager or even a good auto electrician if there are no schools in a rural area. So to me, schools are super important to sustain a community and to build it and to make it stronger.

It's super satisfying to see how the big wheel turns and that stuff you've done has made a difference and been appreciated.

Obviously sani2c has been a great success, but it’s been a success because this community has realised how important it is for their livelihoods and for the area.

Without the Lynford Primary School, none of this area would have been like it is today. And without sani2c, it would have been impossible for us to maintain the school. And that’s an ongoing responsibility.

What makes you most satisfied and happiest about your journey?

I think it’s seeing the pleasure that riders get from doing sani2c; seeing their joy and appreciation when they get to the sea.

A big part of what sani2c does is to create opportunity for people, and the most important opportunity is to create employment.

So it is also super satisfying to chat to locals and realise what the race has done for them. I’ll bump into someone and they’ll say, you know me, you gave me this job, or this thing. It’s super satisfying to see how the big wheel turns and that stuff you’ve done has made a difference and been appreciated.

Read farmer Glen Shaw's full story in the Autumn 2024 issue of Mountain Bike Magazine, available nationally at Woolworths, Exclusive Books and major bike stores.

Or download the digimag and read it online.


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