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Zambezi Biking Bliss

No doubt you have heard of, marvelled at powerful images of, or even been to the legendary Victoria Falls. 

Unquestionably one of the 7 wonders of the world, the sheer sound and rainbow coloured spray of the ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’, the world's greatest sheet of falling water, is awe inspiring. The falls are significant worldwide for unique geomorphological features and active land formation processes with outstanding beauty.


The surrounding area of treasured Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River remains a tourist haven with African Big 5 game reserves, superb hotels & lodges, adrenalized adventures and indulgent river expeditions. 

The Zambezi River is 2700 kms in length and crosses through 7 countries before finally reaching the Indian Ocean. A lifeline to animals and humans alike throughout its course, it also provides borders, electricity and a natural beauty that brings tourists from afar to see it. Where the Zambezi plunges over 100 meters into the Batoka Gorge, the Vic Falls sets the backdrop for the 9th running of the Zambezi Cycle Challenge.

You're unlikely to have ever had the opportunity to ride a bike in this wild frontier, but the adventurous and charitable local tourism stakeholders have joined forces to create a unique mountain bike stage race for those who love to explore the world on two wheels. 

>> Watch the highlight video here


The Zambezi Cycle Challenge primary objective is to raise funds to preserve the environment surrounding this natural wonder. These funds are raised by providing a top class, uniquely challenging and adventure filled experience through beautifully scenic natural reserves for adventure seeking participants who are conservationists at heart.

The format of the bike race embraces the social weekend warriors, wildlife enthusiasts as well as racing snakes. Teams are of two or more members but organisers will consider single applicants to be grouped with other riders of a similar ability. 

The 9th edition of this adventurous ride happens from the 12th to the 14th of July, 2024 with the compulsory pre event briefing taking place on the evening of the 11th July.


The three day stage event will cover a distance of between 50 to 80 kms each day:


Will start about 15km south of Victoria Falls along the Chidobe Road and take us back to Victoria Falls on a combination of pristine single track, elephant paths and along the banks of the Masue River all the way back to Victoria Falls. The distance is approximately 50kms.


The ride will start about 4kms down the Gorges Road and will wind you through some stunning areas in the local community and then guide you through beautiful wilderness areas in Victoria Falls National Park, The distance is about 50kms.


The start is on the edge of the gorge about 30 kms out of town below and downstream of Victoria Falls. The route on this final day will be mostly single track as it takes us back towards Victoria Falls along the Batoka Gorge with spectacular views of the Zambezi River way below and the Victoria Falls as you approach the finish. You will literally be riding on the Edge on several occasions on this stage. There are some technical stretches on this day but these can be easily portaged or ridden slowly. Distance is about 50kms.

The Zambezi Cycle Challenge is an event that benefits conservation efforts and the community. All funds made are donated to organisations with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust being the main beneficiary

All marshals and back up from marshals on the road to the scouts, motorbikes, etc are volunteers.

The ride is mostly single track and rides through rural areas, the Wild Horizons concession where there are wild animals so they have guides, anti-poaching teams and mounted patrols situated around the area.

We will ride along the edge of the Batonka gorge with the spray of the Falls visible and finish one day at the Lookout Café overlooking the gorge, the famous Vic Falls Bridge and the Zambezi River. 

Entries are open so join us for an opportunity to have fun while doing good.

Photo creds Shaun McMinn Photography


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