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African X-Trail Tee by First Ascent

With a hot and humid African X on our doorstep the right choice in gear could make or break your race. Africa’s premier, 3-stage trail running race sees athletes cover technical, rocky, and root-filled trails meaning you’ll want to be concentrating on your feet and not your comfort. The African X Tech apparel partners, First Ascent, have created a range of trail gear to match the heat and scrub with their X Trail range which we got to wear-test, saving you the time.

Men’s X-Trail Tee: R549

The men's X-Trail running tee is an affordable, high quality tee that is genuinely skin light, super soft touch and breathable - we loved it!

Most moisture wicking run tees feel either too hot if they are thicker, more resilient fabrics, or the cooler versions are often almost transparent, especially when wet if they are too sheer. If you have abdominal muscles like AJ Calitz you may opt for wet t-shirt show fabrics, but if you just want to conceal your heart rate strap to fake being a chilled runner and don't want your affectionate dog's claw to cause a thread tear, then this blend of being both super light and still reasonably dense should appeal to you.

The design and construction with 2 densities of fabric create increased breathability where it counts, allowing optimal freedom of movement.

A mesh back and underarm panelling increases breathability in those areas versus the harder wearing sections on the front and upper back. We literally felt like we were running shirtless and the elastic stretch means a firm fit doesn't grab you anywhere - no need to size up.

Made with what First Ascent calls 'polygiene permanent odour fabric technology', this shirt should reduce bacteria build up, keeping you fresher for longer on the trails. Wear more, wash less.

Reflective trims add visibility and safety in poor light conditions.

We tested the turquoise colour which is very cool and it washed well. No complaints here - a great value for money, comfortable, heat beating trail tee.

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