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Alan Broderick's tale of survival

This could have been you. Alan Broderick is just like us, a massively experienced mountain biker who enjoys time out in nature on his bike. On holiday, cruising the Knysna forest, looking forward to a family lunch in plett, when the trail ran out and he couldn't find his way back to it..

That was Saturday morning. When he didn't come home that night missing persons messages flooded cycling groups across the country. A massive search party was launched on Sunday morning, but after a whole day including helicopters above and trackers on foot, Alan was simply nowhere to be found. Gone, presumed by many to be dead.

The search was called off until daybreak Monday, while poor weather made the second night and following morning a misty, extremely cold hell for Alan and the search parties.

On Monday afternoon when the sun came out, an incredibly skilled chopper pilot and spotter team happened to catch a glimpse of Alan, way down below in a river gorge, narrowly visible through the deep, thick indigenous forest trees, naked and waving frantically for help.

It's been 36 hours since Alan was emotionally reunited with his family, his skin covered in scratches and bites, his hair turned white.

Listen to Alan's first hand account of what he went through. What we can learn from his narrow escape and why you shouldn't take bear Grylls advice with a pinch of salt.

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Dec 14, 2022

VERY annoying interviewer.

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