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Final Mile Efforts

It's show time, ponies! We're into our final week of training build up to our All Out Mile smashes happening on Global Running day!

You're still keep it slow & steady, sticking to the 80/20 principle, but now we increase your faster 400m threshold sets.

Try to add more repeats than you managed at your last track session.

When setting your time between 1 and 5 June make sure you take a measured approach to your first mile to gauge what sort of pace you can realistically hold for 1600m.

We've got a special treat for those who've been following our AOM journey. Under Armour are hosting a mile meetup on 1 June at the Green Point Athletics Stadium. Come & rub shoulders with the Stormers, elite runners, and who's who of running, it'll be a blast -we will see you there 🥳

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