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Gritty In Mexico City – Urban MTB Adventure with Hans Rey & Rob Warner

Rob Warner joins Hans Rey in exploring Mexico City on e-bikes in a high octane 5-day traverse of this mega metropolis. Along with their crew, local guide Mau de Avila was along for the ride (DABCO). Watch this 40-minute documentary as they hit some incredible lines at a trail center on the fringes of a city packed with 20 million people, skirt the crater of a high-altitude volcano for the ultimate descent and are awed by the pyramids at Teotihuacan.

Take a Birdseye view as they embark on the ultimate joy ride visiting famous landmarks throughout the city and some sketchy neighborhoods too. Take in the color, culture, history, nature and the ever-growing mountain bike scene in Mexico. There is no shortage of one-liners and classic Warner commentary as well as some beautiful trails and a little giving back to the less fortunate. A film by No Way Productions & Cedric Tassan.

Produced & Directed: No Way Productions

Filmmaker: Cedric Tassan / VTOPO

Photo Credit: Carmen Rey

Special thanks to: Adidas Five Ten, GT Bicycles, Shimano Steps and Stans No Tubes


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