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Meeting Toyota Specialized's rising stars

Almost every one of us mountain bikers grew up owning various bikes and eating wholesome, home cooked meals. For us that was the bare minimum of privileged life. Weekends were all about matches or races, then fun with friends, never a worry in the world. A free-ride, barring some possible pocket money waitering jobs for most of us. School days were a care free natural progression towards a healthy lifestyle which we all took for granted.

Meet Zola Ngxakeni and Ntlantla Nonkasa, two young lads who grew up in rural Transkei. They never had fathers, no reliable healthy food, nor proper education. They went through childhood alone with very little guidance or support. How easily they could have turned to the streets, yet they chose to dream. Here they are 20 years later, living the dream, riding bikes for the most high profile racing team Toyota Specialized.


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