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New Balance 880 v14

If you like a reliable, neutral, soft and light daily road trainer that you can wear all day, the recently upgraded version 14 is a great option to try.

Still comfortable but lighter & slightly firmer, and dare we say better looking than the previous edition, the wholesale changes are all positive.  The modern technology in Fresh Foam X allowed the designers to create a shoe that feels softer underfoot but responds better to the road on impact, via a mix of dual densities as measured by a durometer. Whether you prefer shorter or longer training runs, or even walks at varying paces to suit your mood, the new midsole is both lighter and provides greater energy return. 

The Fresh Foam X 880 v14, which weighs in at just 270 grams in men's size 9, has a mid range stack height of 26 mm in the rear and 18mm in the forefoot. That's more midsole height and cushioning than version 13. That said, a slightly less aggressive 8mm heel to toe drop with the new vertical outsole design containing less rubber but in all the right places, delivers a firmer & faster ride and toe-off than before. The 880 is firmer and less plush than the 1080.

This good looking new running and everyday wear neutral shoe is a progression in reliability, featuring bouncy underfoot cushioning and a structured, supportive upper. The knitted one piece upper is both breathable and true to size fit, with no sew overlays. It's also cool to know that New Balance have partnered with Repreve to utilize recycled bottle content in this new upper. 

Despite this reduced outsole and lighter & thicker midsole foam, there's more than enough ndurance lightweight solid rubber coverage for the 880 to last you 800km or more. At R2999 the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880 V14 is a real player in this popular segment of the running market. 

You can shop for this shoe online here


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