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Overcoming the Odds with Piet Du Preez & Louzanne Coetzee

Incredible Paralympians Pieter Du Preez and Louzaane Coetzee earned South Africa a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze medal in Tokyo at the games a few weeks ago.

In this episode of Bike Run Tri Stoke Podcasts we had the privilege of sitting down with these two truly inspirational humans to discuss the challenges they overcome everyday, their interesting views on para sports, and so much more.

Piet, or Supa Piet as he’s affectionately known, was an aspiring pro cyclist before he was hit by a car while on his bike in 2003 becoming a tetraplegic. Since then Piet has won numerous world championships, completed a full Ironman and inspired everyone he’s crossed paths with.

Louzanne, on the other hand, was born just about blind and only got into running by chance at a first-year varsity athletics day. She’s flown under the radar since then but truly blossomed at Tokyo winning Silver and Bronze medals.

This podcast is especially relevant right now in stressful times. It provides perspective, especially to those struggling with obstacles in their lives, whatever size and nature. It provides hard earned advice on how to look at life and make the most of every gift you have.


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