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The new Garmin Edge 540 & 840

If, like most active lifestylers, you desire improvement in your health and performance, the starting point is measurement technology. As Peter Drucker said - "If you can't measure something, you can't understand it. If you can't understand it, you can't control it. If you can't control it, you can't improve it."

Technology has come a long way in recent years with massive progress in every aspect of exercise that we can reference in order to fine tune our time spent on and off the bike. Modern coaching science has taught us that mindless miles are pointless if you desire to get fitter and faster. Now technology can not only tell you exactly how far, fast, high, hard, what lies ahead and behind, energy burned, heart rate variability, etc - all the while accurately monitoring multiple stress factors like sleep and recovery - it can now give you expert coaching advice on what to do next. To think how far tech has come since we first started measuring speed and distance on the bike is mind-blowing.

There are 2 new cycling computers from Garmin - the Edge 540 and Edge 840 Series GPS, both designed to make your training and racing more enjoyable and effective. Here's how, and why if you haven't tried it, prepare for a total shift in how you view your training and realise how much potential lies inside:

Garmin just launched the Edge 540 and Edge 840 Series. In a nutshell, these advanced yet compact cycling computers add dynamic performance insights, advanced mapping capabilities, solar charging and more to help cyclists ride smarter and train harder. These GPS cycling computers combine a wide array of performance- based training metrics, including unique, comprehensive coaching catered toward the personal goals of each individual cyclist, with enhanced navigational support, connected features and more into a lightweight design to help cyclists reach their goals.

New solar charging models give cyclists even more ride time between charges with up to 32 hours of battery life in demanding use or up to 60 hours in battery saver mode 1 . Ideal for ultra distance riders and those who like to live unplugged, longer. Whether training for a major race or simply pursuing a personal milestone, advanced performance metrics on the Edge 540 and 840 Series, including target adaptive coaching based on cycling ability & course demands, provide you with dynamic insights and analytics to improve performance via snapshots of strengths and weaknesses.

Dan Bartel for Garmin Global says the new product features that riders should know about, which were designed for cyclists, by cyclists include: - Cycling ability and course demands to identify strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the demands of a specific course by focusing training in the right areas. - Targeted adaptive coaching: Whether cycling indoors or outdoors, riders can view daily suggested workouts and training prompts, plus receive personalized coaching that adapts based on training load, recovery and the demands of upcoming events. - Real-time stamina: Monitor and track exertion levels in real-time during a ride to help influence training efforts or see how much further the current pace can be maintained. - Power guide: Manage efforts with power targets throughout a course. - ClimbPro ascent planner: View the remaining ascent and grade for each climb while riding freely without course navigation or search for climbs directly on the Edge and in the Garmin Connect™ smartphone app before heading out. - Multi-band GNSS: Cyclists can easily find their way with enhanced positioning accuracy via multi-band GNSS technology. Plus, Edge 540/840 operates well in challenging environments, such as dense tree cover or downtown urban environments. - Solar charging: Power Glass ™ solar charging lens on solar models extends battery life to up to 60 hours in battery saver mode, giving cyclists up to an extra 25 minutes per hour during daytime riding. - Rugged design, ready for any ride from remote gravel trails to grueling climbs. All Edge 540 and 840 Series models boast a 2.6-inch color display and feature button controls that work in any riding environment, while Edge 840 Series computers also include a responsive touchscreen. No matter where the next ride leads, Edge 540 and 840 Series offer an impressive battery life; non-solar models feature up to 26 hours of battery life in demanding use and up to 42 hours in battery saver mode, while solar models can provide even more ride time.

Packed with advanced training metrics and navigational tools, Edge 540 and 840 Series are designed to help cyclists perform at their best. With insights from Firstbeat Analytics ™ such as VO2 max, training status and training load, recovery time and more, cyclists can see how their body is responding to their training efforts. When wearing a compatible Garmin smartwatch, cyclists can receive a more holistic view of their overall health and wellness with insights like Pulse Ox, Body Battery ™ energy monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring and sleep score, and more.

During a ride, Edge 540 and 840 Series let riders see how their body holds up in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation and set up in-ride notifications when it’s time to refuel or rehydrate. What’s more, advanced cycling metrics provide riders with insights on performance while mountain bike metrics, including jump count, jump distance, grit and flow help track the epic details of every ride.

No matter where the path leads, advanced navigational features will keep cyclists on track. Updated mapping brings more of a community feel, with improved ride type-specific maps that use Trendline ™. Popularity Routing to highlight popular roads and trails, plus searchable points of interest. Plus, both Edge 540 and 840 Series users have access to worldwide Trailforks trail content, letting cyclists view routes and trail details around the world. Meanwhile, route guidance and off-course notifications can now be paused while cyclists explore and can quickly be turned back on at any time to get riders back to their original route or starting point. Stay connected. Cyclists can ride with peace of mind thanks to built-in safety and tracking features like LiveTrack, group messaging and incident detection for all cycling activities–including mountain biking. For added confidence while riding, Edge 540 and 840 Series are compatible with our absolute favourite, especially in SA with our road hazards, the Varia ™ line of cycling radars and headlights, as well as inReach ® devices with SOS capabilities and communication when off-the-grid.

When it’s time to take training indoors, like now with 3 weeks of Tour de France live coverage in the middle of our winter, Edge 540 and 840 Series easily pair to Tacx ® indoor smart trainers for year-round riding. Whether riding indoors or out, riders can take advantage of the Garmin Connect app to create and send courses to an Edge device, view all the technical details from a ride, log personal achievements, gauge how training is trending and more. Plus, for those looking to customize their cycling computer, the Connect IQ ™ Store smartphone app offers custom data fields, apps and widgets that can easily be downloaded to the Edge device.

Don't panic if you're not a tech nerd. Out of the box, device setup is simple as ever—a quick and easy experience to access information, courses and training tools. Plus, users can adjust data fields directly from the Edge device or from a paired compatible smartphone.


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