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The ONE - sailfish Wetsuit

First things first it was quite comfortable putting it on, it was a little big tighter than my old, stretched suit which was nice.

About half way through the swim I could feel a little scratch on the back of my neck but a with bit of anti chafe and my crocodile neck it didn’t bother me, maybe on a very long swim it would have got a bit worse.

The suit was comfortable during the swim as well and it also felt a little bit warmer, which might have been a result of getting some water through the suit before swimming (thanks Paul).

Time wise, I went two minutes faster than usual over about 2.6km in the water compared to the last two weeks with the same conditions and same effort . I usually swim in the oldest, cheapest suit that’s faded and siff so I did expect to go faster in a proper suit.

I think in one of the higher range suits I would have been able to cut off even more time. All in all it’s a nice suit and I enjoyed the experience.

Check the suit for yourself at



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