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Brad Weiss and Puma Deviate Nitro

Brad Weiss is one of the greatest examples of consistency leading to success.

A multiple world champion who started out 12 years ago as an amateur with a dream. Hard work and a humble approach to learning from the best coaches, and those who's shadows he raced under for many years, have been key to his story.

He set the fastest ever marathon run split for a South African at the World Championship in Hawaii this year. Imagine running a 2:48 after swimming 4km and cycling 180km solo!!

Brad credits his longest standing partners at Puma for supporting him, literally and figuratively, from the beginning of his incredible journey.

He's an amazing runner who has won championships on trail and tar. Brad understands intimately what a running shoe needs to deliver to sustain intense training plus deliver comfort and speed on race day.

We spent some quality time with Brad back home in SA, test running the Deviate Nitro 2, hearing about his amazing journey, why he believes super shoes are a game changer, and why he feels that Puma offer excellent value shoes.


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