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Garmin Edge 540 Solar Review

There was a time when bike computers gave you speed and distance only. Then with advent of mountain biking and heart rate & power based training, on and off road, the techies added mapping and then coaching and now it’s so refined and accurate you know exactly how hard to ride and when to max your training and racing without wasting valuable time or watts. Even on routes you’ve never ridden.

This modern tech is as game changing for performance and adventure guiding as dropper posts and tyre seala

nt were for taking on steep and gnarly trails in the remote wilderness.

Do you use a bike computer and if so what do you expect from it? Do you use all its extensive capabilities? Are you improving and if not do you know why? Touchscreen or buttons?

It may seem daunting to understand techie jargonese but when a busy CEO in his 50’s tells you it’s child’s play you should listen in to why the new Garmin range is next level useful yet just as simple.


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