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Tackling the Open Water

There’s no doubt that the open water swim leg is by far the biggest barrier to entry for beginner triathletes. Unnecessarily so.

The swim can easily make or break your day out and set the tone for the rest of your race. There’s no reason you can’t be cool, calm, and collected throughout the first stage of your race.

Professional triathletes Matt Trautman and Annah Watkinson guide us through the often daunting open water swim.

In part one Matt shows us what to look for when deciding on the right wetsuit for you, how it should fit and where it provides flexibility or stability.

He then covers how to put your suit on properly to make sure you aren’t wasting any effort out in the water.

Finally Matt goes through your last few steps before the gun goes off on race day.

Stay tuned for part two with super athlete Annah Watkinson!


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