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The Lightest Ever, The Ultraboost Light

10 years goes by in a flash. Just think that it's already been 10 years since Lance Armstrong first admitted to doping on the Oprah Winfrey show. Speaking of performance boosting, the legal way, here's something you can use to fly up hills.

We are living in an age of high energy return, lightweight running shoes, which after some interesting (aka strange) innovations was led by Adidas when they launched their Boost technology. This month marks a historic moment as Adidas unveils the latest member of its iconic running shoe franchise - the Ultraboost Light. In response to consumer feedback, the team at HQ in Herzogenaurach Germany announced the launch of the new Ultraboost Light with what they are calling "ground-breaking new material at its core – Light BOOST". The new and improved Ultraboost Light benefits from 30% lighter BOOST material, resulting in a performance running shoe designed to offer potet energy, ultimate cushioning, and unrivalled comfort and responsiveness.

The all-new Ultraboost Light also boasts a redesigned Linear Energy Point (LEP) torsional reinforcement to reduce forefoot flex using reinforced material on the sole of the shoe, reworked to optimise responsiveness in harmony with the new light boost. Stiffer and bouncier equals faster comfort. A primeknit+ upper provides a foot adapted fit for breathability and comfort while the Continental™ natural performance rubber delivers optimal traction in all weather conditions. It's good to hear that the update includes an ISO spec measuring 10% lower carbon footprint. Check out their instagram page for some wicked cool colour options. We're amped to test run them and will report in due course.

Shop for the Ultraboost Light here


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