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The Real Matt Beers

One of SA’s mountain bike enigmas, Matt Beers seems unbeatable in local drag races, but is yet to make an international impact.

Why is it that the watt-machine hasn't yet lived up to his undoubted potential?

Matt started his two wheel career in the garden when his old man got him into motocross. He rose to the top of the national ranks before heading to the USA. A freak crash saw a shattered ankle and his moto-x dream with it at just 20.

During his rehab his huge potential on a bicycle was revealed and the rest is history.

Matt's won just about every race in South Africa and feared by rivals on almost any format, but no Olympic selection, mixed results for UAE, and honest to goodness bad luck have kept him from destined stardom.

Having lost his mom in 2015 he rides with passion, always having her Saint Christopher medallion fixed to his top tube, driving him.

Will he break through this ceiling? Only time will tell, here's his story.


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