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Chasing Trail With New Balance

Meet Joshua Chigome, Western Cape political spokesperson and currently one of Cape Town’s sharpest trailblazers.

From a podium finish at the brutal Ultra-Trail Drakensberg to a superb win at the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge, Josh proves that you don’t have to be a pro runner to kill the game. It's all about balance, excuse the pun.

His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Having recently joined the New Balance team, this amateur athlete is currently setting trails alight in the refined New Balance Hierro V7’s.

We were lucky enough to grab a moment on the trail with Josh to chat about his life, his goals and what it's been like balancing his career and being part of the New Balance running team.

Check out the video and his socials to find out more about this incredible runner and the new Hierro V7's.

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