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New Balance Propel v4

An exceptional return on your investment

We need one thing from a running shoe - maximum energy return at minimum cost. The Propel V4 is 14% softer and 34% stiffer than its V3 predecessor and was designed to provide runners with premium running technology seen in high end training & racing shoes at an entry level price point.

It's not carbon plated nor super light so technically not a 'supershoe' but as close to the feel of one as we have wear tested to date. The TPU plate with greater rocker sandwiched between two layers of high energy rebound foam, combined with a two sided midsole cut-out design gives, this shoe energy feedback you can feel. The plate rocks you forward to shift onto your toes making the forefoot much stiffer, akin to a race shoe, while the softer sole and energy return provide the bouncy cushioned feel of a soft training shoe - making for an energetic underfoot running experience for any level of runner.

The premium technical upper mesh provides both breathability and comfort without sacrificing durability. The toe heel drop of 6mm is mid range. Weight mens test size 10.5 is 294 gram which is heavier than they feel. They look narrow but comfortable and stable on a reasonably wide foot. RRP R2600

Verdict - excellent value trainer racer


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