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The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 - Built For Race Day!!

We just unpacked the latest super-shoe to hit the local market. They look and feel just that, super fast!

New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Elite v3’s are light, comfortable and energised.

Breathable, soft upper, racey carbon plate, bouncy forward propulsion foam and low stack (4ml) height & toe- heel drop. This shoe is like a racing flat but without the jarring - a serious racing shoe that can go the distance, without breaking you down .

There's nothing like lacing up lightweight race-ready shoes on the day you've trained hard for - when every second counts. This is a shoe we'd pick in a heartbeat. While we liked the V2, the V3's ticks all the super-shoe boxes within a more classic looking and zippier feeling package, giving you peace of mind when your form, your opponents and the clock are your only focus.

We bumped into a shoe shop owner who said if he still ran marathons this would be his pick. After our first week in them we understand his sentiment.

Here's the real why: The new lighter shoe is designed to deliver energy return. The dynamic Energy Arc carbon plated, split sole system, paired with FuelCell midsole cushioning and an engineered knit upper with seamless built in tongue delivers a well cushioned, snappy ride with a locked in fit. These thoroughbred racing kicks justify the R4800 price tag.

Available at New Balance Mall Of Africa, New Balance Canal walk and online

Full review coming soon!


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