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Kilian Jornet Photo Essay

Kilian Jornet, trail star
KILIAN JORNET is a six-time champion of the Skyrunner World Series and has won numerous ultra-trail-running events

World-class trail and Sky Runner Kilian Jornet brings a second passion to the mountains: photography. Here, the Catalan mountain man, who often carries a camera on his adventures, captions his favourites.

Kilian Jornet image
"I like how the sun illuminates a fjord. I took this close to where I live in Norway. I like seeing this spectacle every day."

I have always liked photography. As a child, I remember learning to use an analogic camera and even a super 8 when I was filming with my father. My passion for it came later when I started working with outdoor photographers such as Monica Dalmasso, Seb Montaz, Damien Rosso and Jordi Saragossa.

Kilian Jornet image
"A selfie I took with the Norwegian fjords in the background. It is an endless space to play."

If I take my camera on an easy run with friends, it will influence where

I choose to go and at what time (usually when the light is best). I do not wait to

capture a decent image, so I mostly take photos on the run. If I am alone, I have to set

a self-timer, and that involves a few attempts to get the right movement or focus.

Image by Kilian Jornet
"The Norwegian fjords while the moon is out."
Atma, friend of Kilian Jornet
"Atma, a friend I met in the Alps."

I like shooting landscape photos

using a wild lens, capturing how it feels

to be in a place, and the interaction of movement with an environment. But I like portraits too. I take some for social media, others for books or sponsors that commission me to do the work, but

there are some I like to keep for myself.

Pic taken by trail star Kilian Jornet
"The skier in the picture is my friend Vivian Bruchez."

I use a mirrorless camera because the weight makes all the difference when I am running. I like to shoot with a 2/15mm lens with a fisheye effect to capture the atmosphere of my surroundings.

I carry a Zeiss Batis 2/25 lens with me in the mountains because it is light and fast.


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