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Traverse - First Ascent

What does a rider typically desire in a helmet?

Safety is paramount and some helmets offer increased protection like this First Ascent Traverse with its extended rear covering the occipital and temporal lobes where trauma injuries have shown to sometimes result in permanent disabilities. Yes that inevitably adds to the weight, which most riders place most value on, but gone are the leather strap helmet days, safety first. Thanks to gravity riders, lower rear design plus sun visors are fast becoming the new normal, providing a sense of trust & confidence - combining the looks and comfort of a high end helmet with the price of an entry level lid.

Most mountain bikers prefer a peak helmet to a roadie shape. They're great for long days out in the sun. It's also about fashion, baggies and peaks differentiate us from lyrca hugging, weight-weanie roadies.

The next critical aspect in choosing a helmet is comfort. A good shape with snug straps not only sits still and doesn't irritate you but also looks better on your pip than one that doesn't fit snugly.

With 14 vents, this certified by European helmet standard safety tests lid provides safety-first head coverage for protection, while keeping your head aerated on hot days. The adjustable boa dial at the rear provides a versatile range of fine tuned customisation for a variety of head shapes, ensuring a firm and comfortable fit, and the soft thick chin strap feels great and works especially well for those that sweat a lot.

This helmet also has a light mesh forehead inner that not only maintains a ventilation buffer space, from your hair or skin depending on your age, but also catches things like bees that can easily get caught in the helmet and sting you. You would assume that these added features, which provide excellent all round comfort, would result in a heavy helmet, but our size large test unit weighed in at only 303 grams. We tested the helmet a few times, including some hot summer days and a full gas off- road triathlon and never thought about any issues with ventilation or weight. Like a good saddle that fits well, we simply forgot about the helmet - and that itself bears testimony to a quality product.

Add a very cool teal colour (one of 3 options), trendy look and a very affordable price tag and you have an excellent all round helmet which we rate very highly. A solid balance between safety, comfort and affordability - ideal for both beginners plus experienced riders seeking comfort and safety. Perhaps only the extra 50 or so grams that weight freaks would pay twice the price for.


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