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Collins Cup Countdown

The first ever presidents cup format of Triathlon, The Collins Cup is happening in Slovakia on Saturday.

The cream of the sport will be racing 1 on 1 and we have one of the athletes capable of stealing a point from the overwhelming favourites of team Europe.

As we have seen in golf and tennis, this format lends itself to emotionally charged performers who have the ability to beat the best on their day.

Jeanni Seymour you can do this. You have what it takes. We witnessed your tears at the Worlds press conference in PE 2018. We know you race with your heart & will all be screaming for you Emma Browne we'll half claim your point too. Your form is scary. Smash it!

Thanks to the Professional Triathletes Organisation for giving us this amazing spectacle and taking triathlon to the world through the massive media coverage. Such great timing after Kona was postponed again. Watch the spectacle unfold live by registering at

Sit back, see who's racing and how it works. Basically get amped and find your inner tri mojo for post lockdown summer.


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