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Feel cooler, go longer.

Under Armour, the innovative brand that pioneered in-shoe run tracking and who make the coolest looking super functional running clothing, recently upgraded their Iso-Chill microfibre technology. This stylish new range uses the natural element Titanium Dioxide to expel heat immediately from the body when touched.

It's simple, a cooler body loses less energy than a heated one, the cooler you stay the further and faster you go, just like that. Bigger people with bigger working muscles generate more heat, so again even though you may be stronger you need more help to go longer.

We have all enjoyed the sweat wicking properties of sweat bands and direct heat shading caps while on the run, but with our skin being our biggest organ more clothing has typically meant greater warmth and more stress. Running naked is sadly illegal in SA but ultimately we need clothes to either keep us warm or cool. Here in sunny SA for the bulk of the running season its heat that's the biggest factor, with temperatures often well over 30 degrees so we welcome any innovation that makes clothing more effective at lowering our temperatures or sensations of being too hot.

By flattening out the fibres within their garments and adding Titanium Dioxide*, the natural element, Under Armour has released a garment which is engineered to quickly pull heat away from the skin. The specially designed fibres lay flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat, providing a cooling sensation to the touch.

As pro athletes and top level age groupers know, it's a game of marginal gains, it only takes a minute variant to give you a competitive edge to define who wins and who comes second. Under Armour added Titanium Dioxide to its ISO-CHILL Collection to absorb UV energy and quickly move heat away from the body. The exclusion of this concentrated heat should allow the athlete to increase their threshold pace when it matters. ISO-CHILL garments are available in both the run and train category in Under Armour Brand House stores nationwide as well as online with Price range for South African shoppers will lie between R499 for an entry level run cap to R1299 for an elevated pair of leggings.


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