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From Near Death to the Podium

What happens when athletes at the top of their field hit rock bottom?

SA triathlon royalty Matt Trautman and Annah Watkinson talk us through their near-death accidents, the dark unseen road to recovery, and what it takes emotionally and physically to claw your way back to the top again.

The pilot episode of the Bike Run Tri podcast kicks the series off with a bang. Triathlon SBR mag editor Paul Ingpen, Matt and Annah talk openly about the amateur turned pro's lowest points, what motivates someone to get back up, and where they're going from here.

This bumper episode is an honest look into the lives of professional triathletes and one not to be missed. Pour a glass, set your IDT or shift your car into cruise mode and soak it up. We can all learn from their potent stories.

Podcast powered by Zwift.


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