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Conquering Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc

Presented by Wahoo + Hoka

In Partnership with Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc

If there's a runner who embodies the word dedication, it's Jim Walmsley.

The charming, insanely talented man who south African trail runners got to know late last year is on a mission.

Jim uprooted his home, his life, and his training routine in hopes of achieving what has never been achieved by an American male.

Having won everything else in grand style, to win the grail of trail, Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc, is his burning ambition.

Jim has accomplished so much in his illustrious career, including wins at JFK 50 and the Western States 100, not once or twice twice but three times, including breaking the course record in 2018 and then went on to better that record by 21 minutes in 2019.

Jim was named Ultra Runner of the year four years in a row. To not have the UTMB title on his resume must cut deep. He wants this.

Jim is the best hope for an American male to win this legendary trail race that has been dominated by the Europeans for too long.

He's lined up to the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc with the favourites number #1 on his chest, but each time he's failed. He's just not been able to put it all together on the big day.

This year Jim's taken his preparation further than ever before. He's moved with his wife Jess to France with the sole purpose of training in the mountains that he will face on August 27th, in Chamonix, France.

This is Part 1 of a three part series that will be released in the lead up to the race and after the race takes place.

Wahoo have partnered with Hoka and Ultra- Trail Mont Blanc to bring you this fascinating series.


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