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Kirsty Weir's Journey From the Top, to the Brink, and Back

Kirsty Weir is no longer a household name, but we think she will be again by Paris 2024.

The Knysna local was one of SA's most promising up and comers in the running world who fell victim to anorexia in a time when mental and medical illness was far less understood.

Through sheer will, Kirsty pulled herself out of a very dark place to focus on her wellness and athletic career, only to be dealt another bad hand in the form of partial paralysis which she has gutsed out for a decade.

What most would see as a career-ending diagnosis, Kirst saw as an opportunity and now has her eyes set on 2024 Paris Paralympics.

Take a listen to this gripping, emotional chat with Kirsty Weir. We're sure you'll want to support and follow her journey.


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