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Talking Trail With SA's Best

The growth of trail running has been explosive, so fresh after the insane UTCT trail bomb we chatted to the cream of SA's trail runners.

Trail nomad Meg Mackenzie dominated the local scene, including 4 African X titles, before heading for the French Alps where she is currently based.

Girl next door with a big engine Toni McCann, who discovered running later on in life, has fallen in love with off-road, collecting titles and course records around the country.

Johardt Van Heerden, of the freakish Van Heerden clan carries the family athletics mantle and is fast on the rise, recently going back 2 back a week apart at Otter and the Cape Town Trail Marathon.

Last but definitely not least, the bearded bush bomber Kane Reilly is a household name within the trail community, who embodies everything that is trail running.

Plug in and enjoy these mountain goats sharing their stories of how they got into trail running, the advancements in tech, their love of the outdoors, and much more.


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