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The story behind Pass2Pass Ultra-Trail - a unique trail running adventure

We heard from some staunch trail running fans that this new race has the potential to become one of SA's globally renowned bucket listers.

Bains Kloof is an epic location and the race is only a year old, so it must have been pretty special. We were keen to hear more about it so spoke to Race Director, Ruan Eygelaar, who is clearly injecting deep passion into what sounds like a mouth watering adventure.

It's not an easy undertaking and events often don't make money, so why organize a race?

That's kinda like asking why someone gets a tattoo or what a piece of art means to them. The answers vary, just like the people who give them. As the founder of Pass2Pass Ultra-Trail, my motivation for creating this event is a blend of pure passion, a thirst for exploration, and a deep love for the great outdoors. We initiated this race with a simple yet bold idea - to give trail runners the chance to step beyond their comfort zones and conquer new territories. So, what makes Pass2Pass such a stand out which runners refer to as both a tough challenge and a breathtaking experience?

Our mission is to let outdoor lovers explore a unique part of the Western Cape that often goes unnoticed, hidden in the folds of history and nature.

Our journey kicks off at the stunning Bain’s Kloof Pass, a place packed with history thanks to Andrew Geddes Bain, the legend who made this place a national monument. The story of this 170 year old pass, etched in stone, speaks of hard work, determination, and an unshakeable love for adventure. As runners, we follow in the footsteps of those who carved out this path when the going got tough. It's like we're taking a time machine back to an era where people did whatever it took to conquer the untamed land.

Tell us what runners can expect?

First we hit the Old Du Toits Kloof Pass, where the echoes of travelers from way back when seem to still ride the wind. It's like stepping back in time, becoming explorers, and reliving the journeys of those who braved this route before us. But the real gem of Pass2Pass is when we venture into the Cape Nature Limiet Berg Nature Reserve, something we've never done before. It's pure, untouched wilderness, with views that stretch your imagination to the max. This reserve is like a hidden treasure, waiting for us to uncover. It's a chance to test ourselves against the unknown terrain, unpredictable weather, and the sheer wild beauty of nature. Why did you create the Pass2Pass Ultra-Trail?

The answer might not be a walk in the park, but the experience sure is. The concept was straightforward: weave together up to 60km+ of trail, showcasing what we believe is a vastly underrated and, arguably, one of the most scenic, untouched destinations in the Western Cape - graced with the prestigious status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But here's the kicker: Pass2Pass caters for all runners. We've got a whole bunch of race categories, which includes a 10km, 25km, 35km, 45km, and challenging 62km Ultra, plus a chilled 3km family river walk. Most of these routes are stacked with some sweet elevation gain - just what trail runners dig these days.

Where do you see this ending up if all goes to plan - what are your ultimate ambitions?

We have big dreams in the pipeline. Our long-term goal is to expand this race into a 100km and even a 100-miler. We genuinely believe the trails and the passion for trail running in the Western Cape make it possible. You might wonder, why take on such an ambitious venture? Well, when you leave the corporate finance world for the trail running scene, you kind of commit to making your dreams work. It's humbling and exciting to think about the journey ahead.

It certainly sounds like an adventure we'd hate to miss - we'll see you there.


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