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I'm an avid road runner who has in the past chosen to stick with New Balance and Asics shoes as my “go to shoes”. I had never run in Puma shoes before but while test wearing the new PUMA Run XX NITRO they gave me the literal sensation of running on a cloud. My feet felt entirely supported and there was complete padding, particularly in the midsole. The uppers have a mesh like finish which I loved because it allows for better than expected ventilation in addition to comfort via their detailed high quality craftsmanship.

Despite the fact that I pronate significantly when I run, I tend to prefer to run in neutral shoes and every step in these from run 1 felt fantastic. The PUMA Run XX NITRO has a spacious inner, so despite having low arches I felt inner support with no pressure points. Because I have problematic toes that seem to get blistered by certain shoes, I personally loved the spacious toe box in the front of the shoe, without any sense of sliding inside. The heel counter features a form of a clip they call a 'run guide' that provides excellent support, most noticeable on lengthy runs. Traction was solid on all surfaces, wet and dry.

The extended heel outer sole naturally nudges you onto the forefoot which gave me a better, more upright posture. I also really enjoy long walks, which these are ideal for given this flexible padding and space in the shoe. The substantial padding around the collar and heel combined with a roomier toe box meant my feet fit really comfortably. The shoe's only drawback is that despite the low weight (237 grams size 5) the bulky cushioned feels a little hefty. As such I would recommend it for runners who prioritize support and comfort over minimalist speed.

Conclusion – I would recommend this shoe to an avid long-distance runner, or even walkers seeking comfort. No doubt the sports scientists will explain why in tech jargonese, but having wear tested them on different surfaces over different distances the comfort on tired legs and feet is more than commensurate. While I choose function over aesthetics these shoes are more than just easy on the eye, I absolutely loved the electric pink – it added a bit more sunshine bounce to my stride. Well done PUMA, thanks for focusing on ladies specific gear, it shows in performance where it matters most.

Heel to toe drop 8mm (31mm heel, 23mm forefoot)

Price R3200


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