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Under Armour ISOCHILL - Hot nights with chilled gear & beer

The RUN mag crew recently enjoyed a fun evening of urban running with the cool people at Under Armour & the Running Late Club. With energised tunes, motivated minders and smoking flares we took to the streets at twilight for a 5 kay dash. What a jol, high 5'ing inspired people in the streets and burning off some steam with like minded life balancers who love to run. Nothing connects souls like a mid dash chat, high on endorphins, celebrating our common language - regardless of age, race or creed.

Wayne, Grace and Justin of the Running Late Club live by their motto of "no disrespect to your time, but instead, believing it’s “rather late than never” to achieve your goals, break bad habits, or pursue forgotten dreams" - cos there should always be time for a post work work-out. The tie-in with Under Armour was synergy in motion given the loose or tight fitting, sweat-wicking, cool-to-the-skin fabrics that make their clothing range some of the best we have wear tested. If it was cooling on a balmy summer night among a heaving pack of smoke and waving energizer bunnies in breeze shielded streets, it's gotta be the real deal.

The innovative brand that pioneered in-shoe run tracking and who make the coolest looking super functional running clothing, recently upgraded their Iso-Chill microfibre technology. This stylish Under Armour range uses the natural element Titanium Dioxide to expel heat immediately from the body when touched. It's simple, a cooler body loses less energy than a heated one, the cooler you stay the further and faster you go, just like that. Bigger people with bigger working muscles generate more heat, so again even though you may be stronger you need more help to go longer.

Here in sunny SA for the bulk of the running season it's heat that's the biggest factor, with temperatures often well over 30 degrees so we welcome any innovation that makes clothing more effective at lowering our temperatures or sensations of being too hot. By flattening out the fibres within their garments and adding Titanium Dioxide*, the natural element, Under Armour has released a garment which is engineered to quickly pull heat away from the skin. The specially designed fibres lay flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat, providing a cooling sensation to the touch which you need to feel to believe.

The latest striking orange white and black Run and Train collections for ladies include the UA Iso-Chill Laser Tee and Laser Tee II, featuring Iso-Chill fabric to disperse body heat, laser perforations for breathability and anti-odour technology. The Infinity Mid-Run Hook Bra offers tailored support with PU-injected padding, an all-over mesh body and adjustable straps. In the run collection, you will find the UA Infinity High Impact Bra with strategic support and adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit. The UA Flex Woven two-in-one shorts and the Pro two-in-one shorts feature an expandable pocket, Iso-Chill compression shorts and a soft knit waistband that Grace really likes.

For men the Elite Graphic short-sleeve T-shirt features a fabric designed to pull heat away from the skin while the Vanish Woven two-in-one Vent shorts and the UA Launch Pro 5” shorts from each collection are made from ultra-light, fast-drying material to keep you cool.

With a focus on moisture-wicking, breathability and temperature control, this collection works for any level of athlete and fitness enthusiasts looking to stay comfortable and cool, and perform at their best in the hottest conditions. As you'll hear in our post run beer chat among the charged up crowds, Wayne likes his loose and understated style while Grace prefers it tight and bright - either way cool is king.

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